6 Mukhi Rudraksha

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6 mukhi rudraksha/Six mukhi rudraksha bead enriches the career path and helps you achieve immense professional and academic success. Students should wear 6 mukhi Rudraksha during their studies.6 mukhi rudraksha helps you fulfil dreams and lead a very luxurious life. This is regarded as the symbol of Kartikeya,the six faced son of lord Rudra and mother Sharada.He is the younger brother of lord Ganesha.Men should wear 6 mukhi rudraksh (Rudraksha) is the right hand and woman should wear in the left hand. This confers knowledge of the very highest kind.

6 mukhi rudraksha helps women in diseases like hysteria and other mental illness. Those interested in Tantra also gets benefit by it.6 mukhi rudraksha also helps students and businessmen. It represents Lord Kartikeya.Its possessor attains complete success in the business and earns great wealth.6 mukhi rudraksha is beneficial in the cure of epilepsy and all women related problems.6 mukhi rudraksha cures external and internal problems related to sexual organs in male or female body. All the disease caused by malefic Venus can be reduced to great extent by wearing Six mukhi rudraksha beads.

 Effects of Six Mukhi  Rudraksha:-

  • Six Mukhi Rudraksha increases the will power, expression power, learning power and the wearer becomes mentally strong. Therefore it is very good for students.  
  • 6 mukhi Rudraksha endows the wearer a power of Vashikaran (enchantment) by making him witty, charming and intelligent. Therefore it is good for people having public dealings like actors and politicians.
  •  6 mukhi rudraksha helps in having a happy marital life and blesses it wearer with all kinds of worldly possession.
  • Six Mukhi Rudraksha also pacifies the negative effects of planet Venus and is therefore very helpful in the diseases of sexual nature and those related to sexual organs, as per Ancient Vedic Texts.

         We provided 6 mukhi rudraksha with 100% Original and genuine.

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