Diamond heera gemstone ring

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Diamond/heera gemstone rings associated to planet Venus, Diamond is a precious stone and recommended to remove the ill effects of Planet Venus/Shukra. Venus resembled to the native's luxuries,comforts,glamour,romance,wealth,beauty,happiness,joy,delights,high class vehicles,art,sex,attractions,jewelry,entertainments,pleasure,enjoyments,passion and merriments.

Diamond/heera gemstone rings also known as Heera. Diamond/heera gemstone rings is recommended to wear if native face any problem due to ill effects of Venus (Shukra) Planet in Horoscope. Diamond is one of the precious gemstones in the world. Diamond is famous for its play of colors. Diamond makes a person fearless, gives him patience, purity and good manners. Diamond/heera gemstone rings emits very delicate bluish, reddish, or a mixture of blue and red radiance of glittering lustre when exposed to light.

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