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Emerald/panna gemstone ring is one of the Nine Planet stones representing the Mercury Planet known as Budha or Budh in Hindi. Emerald gemstone has various healing properties. Emerald/panna gemstone ring for Mercury is the EMERALD.

Emerald/panna gemstone ring also good for accountants, business managers,scientists,doctors,public speakers and those who involved in mental pursuits. Emerald/panna gemstone ring must be purified using uncooked milk and washed in water.

Emerald/panna gemstone ring also known as Panna.Emerald is a variety of the mineral berry colour green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Emerald is a rare and valuable gemstone and, as such, it has provided the incentive for developing synthetic emeralds.

Emerald/panna gemstone ring harmonizes and strengthens the positive influences of Buddha or mercury. Emerald/panna gemstone ring is the Gem associated to 'Budha',the planet Mercury. As per Indian astrology, Buddha is the son of Moon/Chandra and is the smallest planet in the solar system.

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