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ganesha shankha is another precious and largely worshiped shankha. ganesha shankha represents Lord Ganesha and is worshipped to remove obstacles, for learning, for success, for luck and prosperity to family. ganesha shankha is considered a very auspicious item for protection from evil effects and is to get good luck and prosperity to family.

Ganesha shankha is best when kept in the Pooja Ghar (place of worship) daily or on all auspicious occasions and during religious festivals. ganesha shankh can also be kept in the locker of the house so that the family never faces any dearth of money. However it should be kept on red cloth in the worship room or wrapped in red cloth if kept in a locker.

ganesha shankha is revered as the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Ganesha is the first to be worshipped and invoked in Vedic worship rituals. He is always worshipped for siddhi (absolute success in undertakings), and buddhi (intelligence). He is considered to be the deity of education, knowledge, wisdom and literature.

Way of Puja Ganesh Shankh:

Taking Ganesh Shankh fasten them in a red thread, wash it with the Ganga water and unboiled milk, paint it with the sandal wood and Situated Puja Place it chanting the Ganesh mantra. Ganesh Shankh is suitable for all men or women of any age or faith.

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