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Height increasing Device

Price: Rs.1,999 Rs.1,575
Ex Tax: Rs.1,575
Product Code: HID
Availability: In Stock

Height increasing device is a Japanese product, which helps you to increase height naturally by the use of magneto therapy. There’s no better time than RIGHT NOW to start growing taller by using Height Increasing Device. Choose the Best way to grow naturally, and more over 0% side-effects.

How Height Increase Device Works?

Height increasing Device utilizes the magneto therapy to reactivate your pituitary glands naturally. Wear the magneto Sole in your Shoes for use morning & evening. Increase Height Naturally use of magneto therapy


  • Grow taller naturally.
  • Height Increasing Product is absolutely risk free with 0% side-effects.
  • Proven and tested "grow taller" product.
  • Height increasing Device is easy and convenient to use because all you need to do is to place it in your shoes and walk.
  • Height increasing Device is inexpensive and affordable.

Height increasing insole product uses acupressure magnetic therapy. It uses reflexology points in the soles of the feet, also known as the areas in the skin that have channels that terminate connections to various parts of the body. The channels provide an electrical energy circulation system throughout the body. Height Increase insole applies magnetic stimulus to specific acupressure points on your feet.


What is Height Increasing Device?

Height Increasing Product is a Japanese technique that through increasing the growth height improves one’s height. The product came into existence in 1990 and has completed its 10 yrs of excellence.

How it works?

The product works through increasing the growth Height. The stimulation of pituitary glands helps in reproduction more which mean growth of the cartilaginous portions of vertebrae and bones in lower body. The design of Height increase is developed in such a way that serves in stimulating the nerve points of sole and pituitary gland and helps you to achieve good height in safe, easy and scientific way.

How to order?

You can order online Payment or Cash on Delivery method. Your order will be delivering within 4 to 6 working days

Note: We are giving you best Height increasing insole product at the best price possible! If you are not happy with Height increasing insole product you get, you could send it back to us within 30 days of purchase. No questions will be asked. Your shipping cost will also be reimbursed.

Disclaimer: - Result is totally depending on your body growth and may vary person to person*

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